so ...  WHAT is  
                   MASTAGRAVITY   ....?

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Masta gravity was a Dynamic Duo who play Space Rock music.   Their atmospheric  sounds is like a mixture of 70’s 80’s fused with todays 2000’s dance beat 
Not finding other band members, theStorm refused to quit, convincing Maqk to "go on with the show" with a backing track on stage.   All media, drums and bass guitars are 
recorded from home, but now "Only theSTORM survies."  
These decent “boy next door” lads,  like to be a bit outrageous with their look, their sound, their lyrics.   They believe performers should look like rockstars when they put
on a visual show for their audience, and a lot of their lyrics deliberately have double meanings, and sometimes more  ;-)
Mastagravity have steamed out many venues with their colour-misted atmosphere
and catchy melodic tunes 


the STQRM   ... he will carry you thru all kinds of wether.
...with the Eye of theStorm on his face, he sees what people miss
the Founder of MastaGravity,  "as  you  know  it ",
the Leader, image Creator, Stage Effects, Music Editor,
All Graphics (video editing /  foto editing / web design / all media)
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Music Creator, Drummer, Backing and Bass Player

Cruisey like a spring day - then passionate as a forcefull tropical storm...   relief to some, a lesson to others.   
His lyrics are seductive, chosen to awaken your mind your soul, and conscious heart, to the deepest of depths, and the highest of highs, and his drum rolls will rumble your desire
Theme ....  he wares lightning bolts, on his storm-cloud suit 
MAQK Anthony (ex member) 
... he wore the Warrior's Arrow
.... WAS a true rocker, he got-off on rowdy audiences that reacted to his guitar solos, when they used to scream along to his catchy chorus lines
Front man, Guitar Soloist, Lead Guitarist, Music Creator,
Songwriter, Bass Player, Singer
His guitar solos would make you come on the stage.... 
yes, you know what i mean ....  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha